Z CAM Announces New E2-M4 Camera and Price Drops

Interchangeable mount and lower price
Z CAM has announced the E2-M4, a new digital cinema camera with a Micro Four Thirds sensor and interchangeable mount. Part of the E2 series of cameras, it shares the same body as the flagship E2-S6, E2-F6, and E2-F8 cameras. This new camera was first leaked by a Z CAM dealer and a link was shared to the Z CAM E2 Facebook Group. Members of the group were initially skeptical whether this camera was even real until an official announcement was made by Z CAM CEO Kinson Loo.


Price: USD1,499
  • Basically same as Z CAM E2 but without sync feature.
  • Exterior design same as Z CAM E2 Flagship Series.
  • Interchangeable MFT lens mount in standard package.
  • Optional interchangeable EF, PL and M mount.
  • Shipment will start first week of June.


  • The only model that supports multi-cam sync feature.
  • Price USD1,999 remains unchanged.


  • Price changed from USD2,995 to USD2,499.


  • Price changed from USD4,995 to USD3,999.
The whole Z CAM E2 series will soon support direct RTMP, RTMPS and SRT live streaming, including but not limited to Facebook and YouTube, without going through a computer.
The interchangeable mount is proprietary to Z CAM and currently supports EF, PL, Leica M, and Micro Four Thirds. Third party support for Sony E mount has been mentioned on the Facebook Group, but so far none exits. Some users have experimented with developing their own mounts using 3D printing technology.
Micro Four Thirds mount
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A user-made Leica mount
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PL mount
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According to this post, it seems that a mount with an included focal reducer called the "TurboMount" is now available. This would eliminate the need for the expensive Metabones Speedbooster and similar third party focal reducers. Focal reducers increase the field of view and focus more light on the sensor, adding a stop or more of light. It remains to be seen how this affects lens compatibility. Focal reducers are notorious for working with some automatic lenses and not others.
The Z CAM "TurboMount"
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The drop in prices may be in response to the recent price drop of the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K to USD1,999.
The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K
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