The RED KOMODO and Z CAM E2-S6G are both 6K global shutter cameras with super 35 sized sensors. In this video series I will dig into the details of the cameras including the physical features, low light performance, resolution and codec options, and much more. Please visit this article in the future as I update it.
PortKeys has just announced three new versions of their LH5 and BM5 on-camera monitors. The LH5P, BM5 iii and BM5 iii-WR appear follow in the footsteps of their ancestors as far as build and basic features. They posted photos, but no specs or other details about new versions. What is evident is that two of them have gained wifi antennas, hinting at wireless video functionality with other products. Also, the new BM5 iii monitors now have a flush-mounted screen instead of the screws holding the glass cover down. Support for the RED KOMODO has also been mentioned. PortKeys is known for integrating with cameras, so it will be interesting to see what these new monitors can do.
This article might seem a bit late since this convention was nearly a year ago, but I'm going to share my experience at Animé Los Angeles 2020 any way. I began this series of convention reviews over a year ago and I plan to continue writing reviews once conventions start back up. Animé Los Angeles (ALA for short) was my first of just two conventions for 2020 due to the pandemic. The other convention was Katsucon, which I'll write about in a separate article. This isn't surprising to anyone after the dumpster fire year that is 2020. With a couple of vaccines ready for distribution, we can only hope that some conventions will be operational in 2021.
Have you ever found yourself in a creative rut while editing? You have an established workflow for editing and grading, which is generally a good thing, but your clips are all starting to look the same. You like your look, but perhaps it's time to try something new. Dehancer is a unique and powerful tool that offers film-like controls over your image. It can emulate film stock, add film grain, apply old school film coloring techniques, and add physical film characteristics. I was contacted by the team at about making a video about their plugin, and I was happy to oblige. Give it a watch by clicking the image above.
Blackmagic Design has just released DaVinci Resolve 17 public beta. They had previously announced the software only a few days earlier with no warning and no indication of what to expect. The software has gained many new features, but still has one glaring omission. Let's take a look at some features that I think are most important.
SmallRig today announced a previously teased product: a new compact and lightweight matte box. In keeping with their numeric product identifiers, this one is called the 2660. Made of carbon fiber and aluminum, it comes in at a low weight of just 238g. It features a standard 114mm clamp for direct attachment with compatible lenses. It also comes with a number of adapter rings from 67mm to 82mm so it can be attached to just about any lens.
Z CAM released firmware version 0.97 today which adds new high frame rates for ProRes recording. The firmware doesn't apply evenly to the entire range of E2 cameras, but most still received updates. Most notably, the S6, F6 and F8 cameras have nice bumps in frame rates.
The PortKeys LH5H is a 5.2" high brightness monitor designed for use with professional video cameras. It represents the continuing evolution of PortKeys products by incorporating and improving features of past products. It resembles the PortKeys LH5 monitor in size, weight, and shape, but is so much more sophisticated and full-featured. It also includes some features of the popular BM5 monitor.
The PortKeys KeyGrip is a side handle with advanced camera and motor control features. If you've used a PortKeys monitor then you might be familiar with the kind of camera controls this device offers. I'm honestly not a regular user of grips, or at least not this style of grip. I use grips with my shoulder rig, but they are just basic hand grips. This one is so much more.

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When the Canon R5 was first announced on July 9, 2020 I was excited to see that the rumors were more or less confirmed. Canon was finally giving us a compact and relatively affordable camera with impressive specs. It was like it was 2005 all over again and Canon just added 24p recording to the 5D MkII. The R5 has features like 10 bit 4K video recording at up to 120 frames per second, 8K RAW, IBIS, and all with their fantastic autofocus. “This could be my new camera”, I thought. It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows though.