Why I Use Epidemicsound.com For My Music Licensing
Posted Jan 24, 2020

Epidemicsound.com is a music licensing service that allows you to use high quality music in your video content. There are many music licensing services out there - Artlist, Musicbed, Musicvine, Audiio, Soundstripe, etc. However, there's a distinct advantage to a service like Epidemicsound - no copyright claims.

Z CAM E2 Flagship Cameras: An In-depth Look
Posted Sep 18, 2019

Three New Cameras: E2-S6, E2-F6, and E2-F8

PortKeys LH5 HDR 5” High Brightness Monitor Review
Posted Aug 1, 2019

The PortKeys LH5 HDR monitor is a lightweight, low cost, yet high quality monitor. It offers many of the features found on more expensive monitors without sacrificing performance. I put this monitor up against the $700 Atomos Ninja V and it held its ground. Please take a moment to watch my video review on YouTube.

Yeticon 2019
Posted Jul 25, 2019

Yeticon is nestled up against the ski slopes of the Blue Mountains, right near Lake Huron. The location is both picturesque and unique. It's the only anime and geek culture convention that I know of with a ski lift and mountainside roller coaster-type thing.
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