C2E2 - Chicago's Comic Con

C2E2 is a convention for fans of all kinds. Anime, comics, movies and television, cosplay, gaming, and so much more. The full title is a mouthful - Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. It’s operated by one of the largest companies of its type, ReedPop, who also operates New York Comic Con, Emerald City Comic Con, Florida Supercon, PAX, MCM London, and many other large events of this type. C2E2 gives Chicagoans and anyone else willing to travel an opportunity to immerse themselves in a celebratory atmosphere.
You’re free to traverse the massive show floor filled with vendors, artists, and famous faces. You can spend hours looking around and filling your shopping bag full of merch and memorabilia. If there’s a celebrity you want to meet, you can do that too. Get a photo with them or have them sign something for you, for a fee. If you venture to the upper floors you can spend time in the many panels covering multiple areas of interest. Tabletop gaming, anime viewing, cosplay crafting tips, karaoke, writing, and copyright are just a sampling.
Queues for celebrity photos and autographs.
Queues for celebrity photos and autographs.
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The McCormick Center

C2E2 is held at the McCormick Center, a sprawling and massive civic convention center located alongside Lake Michigan. It’s an impressive facility with a large atrium leading to the main show floor in the South Hall. The show floor itself is equally as impressive. The open space covers 840,000 sq. ft. and is kind of like a big playground of nerdiness. The facility is easy enough to navigate. You just have to work up the energy to move around it. I walked an average of 6 miles each day going to and from the facility and walking around the floors. It’s surrounded by parking garages and hotels, all of which are connected by skywalks. That’s a good thing considering that this event was held in December. Chicago is called “The Windy City” and it certainly was windy outside (and it rained all day Friday). The skywalks let you avoid all of this uncomfortable weather.
The show room floor has a green space called "The Yard" where family games and trivia are played.
The show room floor has a green space called "The Yard" where family games and trivia are played.
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Vendors, artists, and more cover the massive show floor.
Vendors, artists, and more cover the massive show floor.
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Convention center staff were plentiful and benignly apathetic, meaning they were just there to do their job without much feeling behind it. I personally didn’t have any problems getting through security, but I was allowed to enter through the VIP/Press security checkpoint. I ran my backpack through the scanner and passed my camera gear around the metal detector. It was quick and easy. Most attendees had to walk a long path through the otherwise empty north building, through metal detectors, and then back towards the south hall.
The vaccination checkpoint where green wristbands are distributed.
The vaccination checkpoint where green wristbands are distributed.
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Before entering C2E2 you had to get a wristband showing that you passed the vaccination check and then get your badge. Friday was quite a slow day so that process took just a couple of minutes. Saturday was much busier, but was still far below average numbers from what I was told. Sunday was also much less crowded, which actually made it feel more relaxed and pleasant. The ever-present DJ in the atrium tried to hype the crowd up at various times of the day, with mediocre success. The remixes of pop music flooded the atrium and sometimes drowned your ears with echo. It could have been worse though.

C2E2 Cosplay Celebration

The Cosplay Celebration winners.
The Cosplay Celebration winners.
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C2E2 is usually host to one of the qualifying events for the Cosplay Crown Championship, but is has been postponed until 2022 due to COVID. This year they had a "Cosplay Celebration" with cash prizes for the winners. As someone who spends a lot of time in the cosplay community, I appreciate that ReedPop does this. They don’t have to invest the time and money to promote and host this event, but they do it anyway and they do a pretty good job at it. The stage is well-lit and has a massive video wall so everyone can see the cosplayers.

Getting There

Chicago is the third largest city in the US and it has one of the largest airports as well - O’Hare International. Getting there by airplane should be pretty easy no matter what part of the country you are from. All of the major airlines fly there and it’s United’s main hub. I booked my flights relatively late - just two weeks before - and was still able to find good prices. Contrast that with flights to Florida around Christmas which were over $1,000 from my hometown of Spokane.

The Cosplayers

C2E2 is a comic convention and not an anime convention like I so often attend. That generally means there's more comic and pop culture cosplay than anime cosplay. There were so many great cosplayers at C2E2 and I captured more for my cosplay music video than I usually do (over 100 people!). The level of talent is truly inspiring. I saw some excellent props, hair/wig styling, makeup, and costuming.
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@shureice Mystique from X-men
<a href="https://instagram.com/vmeachum" target="_blank">@vmeachum</a> Marion Lavorre based on <a href="https://instagram.com/toughtink" target="_blank">@toughtink</a> artwork
<a href="https://instagram.com/moonpowermashup" target="_blank">@moonpowermashup</a> Star Trek Scouts, costumes by <a href="instagram.com/iamlyssakay" target="_blank">@iamlyssakay</a>
<a href="instagram.com/mollycutepeachcosplay" target="_blank">@mollycutepeachcosplay</a> and <a href="instagram.com/luckynoircos" target="_blank">@luckynoircos</a> are from Barbie Princess and the Pauper
@vmeachum Marion Lavorre based on @toughtink artwork @moonpowermashup Star Trek Scouts, costumes by @iamlyssakay @mollycutepeachcosplay and @luckynoircos are from Barbie Princess and the Pauper
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<a href="https://instagram.com/jajacosplay" target="_blank">@jajacosplay</a> and <a href="https://instagram.com/ginozacostuming" target="_blank">@ginozacostuming</a> Mandalorian samurai
<a href="https://instagram.com/widgetocosplay" target="_blank">@widgetocosplay</a> an original Twi'lek
Star Wars mud trooper (anonymous)
@jajacosplay and @ginozacostuming Mandalorian samurai @widgetocosplay an original Twi'lek Star Wars mud trooper (anonymous)
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Marvel group
<a href="https://instagram.com/kikicraftcosplay" target="_blank">@kikicraftcosplay</a> Poison Ivy
Marvel group @kikicraftcosplay Poison Ivy
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<a href="https://www.instagram.com/redmooncosplayer">@redmooncosplayer</a> Uncle Fester
Wonder Woman, Bellatrix Lestrange (anonymous)
@redmooncosplayer Uncle Fester Wonder Woman, Bellatrix Lestrange (anonymous)
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<a href="https://instagram.com/nerdy_opera_singer" target="_blank">@nerdy_opera_singer</a> Pikachu
<a href="https://instagram.com/coffeemeister" target="_blank">@coffeemeister </a> Noelle from Genshin Impact
<a href="https://instagram.com/cosplayandtea" target="_blank">@cosplayandtea</a> Queen Amidala
@nerdy_opera_singer Pikachu @coffeemeister Noelle from Genshin Impact @cosplayandtea Queen Amidala
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<a href="https://instagram.com/izecosplay" target="_blank">@izecosplay</a> Nurse Joy
@izecosplay Nurse Joy
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<a href="https://instagram.com/apaulcalypse1982" target="_blank">@apaulcalypse1982</a> Rhino from Spider-man
<a href="https://instagram.com/tim_is_pretty_alright" target="_blank">@tim_is_pretty_alright</a> Sam Porter Bridges from Death Stranding
<a href="https://instagram.com/rone_jimbo" target="_blank">@rone_jimbo</a> Sora from Kingdom Hearts
<a href="https://instagram.com/marshallmcatee" target="_blank">@marshallmcatee</a> is an assassin hashira original character from Demon Slayer
@apaulcalypse1982 Rhino from Spider-man @tim_is_pretty_alright Sam Porter Bridges from Death Stranding @rone_jimbo Sora from Kingdom Hearts @marshallmcatee is an assassin hashira original character from Demon Slayer
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<a href="https://instagram.com/rayenskyre" target="_blank">@rayenskyre</a> Grand Duchess Anastasia
<a href="https://instagram.com/connies_cosplay_creations" target="_blank">@connies_cosplay_creations</a> Glinda from The Wizard of Oz
<a href="https://instagram.com/oz_in_boots" target="_blank">@oz_in_boots</a> Pauline from Super Mario
<a href="https://instagram.com/loredium" target="_blank">@loredium</a> is Opera Anastasia
@rayenskyre Grand Duchess Anastasia @connies_cosplay_creations Glinda from The Wizard of Oz @oz_in_boots Pauline from Super Mario @loredium is Opera Anastasia
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<a href="https://instagram.com/thatssorago" target="_blank">@thatssorago</a> Belle and Beast
@thatssorago Belle and Beast
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<a href="https://instagram.com/solsticecosplay_" target="_blank">@solsticecosplay_</a> Kasumi Yoshizawa from Persona 5
<a href="https://instagram.com/cosplaykatie" target="_blank">@cosplaykatie</a> Jaina from World of Warcraft
<a href="https://instagram.com/clearly_rogue" target="_blank">@clearly_rogue</a> Kakashi from Naruto
<a href="https://instagram.com/laura_grefe13" target="_blank">@laura_grefe13</a> Edward Scissorhands
@solsticecosplay_ Kasumi Yoshizawa from Persona 5 @cosplaykatie Jaina from World of Warcraft @clearly_rogue Kakashi from Naruto @laura_grefe13 Edward Scissorhands
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<a href="https://instagram.com/mag_xing" target="_blank">@mag_xing</a> Aldrich, Devourer of Gods from Dark Souls 3
<a href="https://instagram.com/michael_anthony_designs" target="_blank">@michael_anthony_designs</a> Ursula
<a href="https://instagram.com/caitcaitrose" target="_blank">@caitcaitrose</a> Ambitious Elf Jinx
<a href="https://instagram.com/charredaznable" target="_blank">@charredaznable</a> Lady from Devil May Cry 5
@mag_xing Aldrich, Devourer of Gods from Dark Souls 3 @michael_anthony_designs Ursula @caitcaitrose Ambitious Elf Jinx @charredaznable Lady from Devil May Cry 5
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<a href=" https://instagram.com/thranduart.cosplay" target="_blank">@thranduart.cosplay</a> Agatha Harkness
@thranduart.cosplay Agatha Harkness
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<a href="https://instagram.com/mpoppins_cosplay" target="_blank">@mpoppins_cosplay</a> Cruella de Vil
<a href="https://instagram.com/kim_is_possible" target="_blank">@kim_is_possible</a> Elfaba from The Wizard of Oz
<a href="https://instagram.com/irelandreidirl" target="_blank">@irelandreidirl</a> Elvira
<a href="https://instagram.com/mpoppins_cosplay" target="_blank">@mpoppins_cosplay</a> Mary Poppins
@mpoppins_cosplay Cruella de Vil @kim_is_possible Elfaba from The Wizard of Oz @irelandreidirl Elvira @mpoppins_cosplay Mary Poppins
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<a href="https://instagram.com/foxyroxycosplay" target="_blank">@foxyroxycosplay</a> Queen Elizabeth I
<a href="https://instagram.com/avvasarts" target="_blank">@avvasarts</a> Queen Amidala
@foxyroxycosplay Queen Elizabeth I @avvasarts Queen Amidala
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<a href="https://instagram.com/disfusional" target="_blank">@disfusional</a> Mad Moxxi
@disfusional Mad Moxxi
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<a href="https://instagram.com/instas3rg3" target="_blank">@instas3rg3</a> and <a href="https://instagram.com/gamergeekdamien" target="_blank">@gamergeekdamien</a> Devimon and Angemon from Digimon
<a href="https://instagram.com/bear_of_tejas" target="_blank">@bear_of_tejas</a> Fallout Mario
<a href="https://instagram.com/thatlazysnail" target="_blank">@thatlazysnail</a> Modaozushi
@instas3rg3 and @gamergeekdamien Devimon and Angemon from Digimon @bear_of_tejas Fallout Mario @thatlazysnail Modaozushi
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<a href="https://instagram.com/the_alyssajoelle" target="_blank">@the_alyssajoelle</a> and <a href="https://instagram.com/miss_tammisavoy" target="_blank">@miss_tammisavoy</a> Mr Mole and Mary Bloody Queen from Identity V
<a href="https://instagram.com/ryukakusan" target="_blank">@ryukakusan</a> Ganyu from Genshin Impact
<a href="https://instagram.com/millyvs" target="_blank">@millyvs</a> Korra from Avatar
@the_alyssajoelle and @miss_tammisavoy Mr Mole and Mary Bloody Queen from Identity V @ryukakusan Ganyu from Genshin Impact @millyvs Korra from Avatar
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Genshin Impact
<a href="https://instagram.com/pippadarlingcosplay" target="_blank">@pippadarlingcosplay</a> Beidou
<a href="https://instagram.com/greeseeus" target="_blank">@greeseeus</a> Keqing
<a href="https://instagram.com/haleyyike.s" target="_blank">@haleyyike.s</a> Fischl
Genshin Impact @pippadarlingcosplay Beidou @greeseeus Keqing @haleyyike.s Fischl
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<a href="https://instagram.com/poison_rose_cosplay" target="_blank">@poison_rose_cosplay</a> Poison Ivy with Santa Fett
<a href="https://instagram.com/mjxcos" target="_blank">@mjxcos</a> She-Ra
<a href="https://instagram.com/clairebearie1128" target="_blank">@clairebearie1128</a> Zatana
@poison_rose_cosplay Poison Ivy with Santa Fett @mjxcos She-Ra @clairebearie1128 Zatana
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<a href="https://instagram.com/redkoopa_cosplay" target="_blank">@redkoopa_cosplay</a> and <a href="https://instagram.com/clearly_rogue" target="_blank">@clearly_rogue</a> Sailor Moon
<a href="https://instagram.com/_igirisu" target="_blank">@_igirisu</a> Link from Breath of the Wild
<a href="https://instagram.com/kyiacutie_" target="_blank">@kyiacutie_</a> Bowsette
@redkoopa_cosplay and @clearly_rogue Sailor Moon @_igirisu Link from Breath of the Wild @kyiacutie_ Bowsette
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Pokemon Gijinka
<a href="https://instagram.com/bossladycosplay" target="_blank">@bossladycosplay</a> Umbreon
<a href="https://instagram.com/propsandconscosplay" target="_blank">@propsandconscosplay</a> Sylveon
<a href="https://instagram.com/phantomfacescosplay" target="_blank">@phantomfacescosplay</a> Espeon
<a href="https://instagram.com/cosplayintherealms" target="_blank">@cosplayintherealms</a> Glaceon
Pokemon Gijinka @bossladycosplay Umbreon @propsandconscosplay Sylveon @phantomfacescosplay Espeon @cosplayintherealms Glaceon
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<a href="https://instagram.com/katastrafiacosplay" target="_blank">@katastrafiacosplay</a> is from Six the musical
<a href="https://instagram.com/michael_anthony_designs" target="_blank">@michael_anthony_designs</a> Steampunk Beastboy
@katastrafiacosplay is from Six the musical @michael_anthony_designs Steampunk Beastboy
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<a href="https://instagram.com/paula.silva.artistry" target="_blank">@paula.silva.artistry</a> Starfire
<a href="https://instagram.com/disfusional" target="_blank">@disfusional</a> K Pop Poison Ivy

Self-rescuing Princesses:
<a href="https://instagram.com/vmeachum" target="_blank">@vmeachum</a> Merida from Brave
<a href="https://instagram.com/wench_2.0" target="_blank">@wench_2.0</a> Anastasia
<a href="https://instagram.com/charlirahe" target="_blank">@charlirahe</a> Rapunzel
@paula.silva.artistry Starfire @disfusional K Pop Poison Ivy Self-rescuing Princesses: @vmeachum Merida from Brave @wench_2.0 Anastasia @charlirahe Rapunzel
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<a href="https://instagram.com/ingenuegothic" target="_blank">@ingenuegothic</a> medieval Junko Enoshima from Danganronpa
@ingenuegothic medieval Junko Enoshima from Danganronpa
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<a href="https://instagram.com/scarredmewtwo" target="_blank">@scarredmewtwo</a> is Paul Atreides from Dune
<a href="https://instagram.com/saratoninn.x" target="_blank">@saratoninn.x</a> is Uraka from My Hero Academia
<a href="https://instagram.com/rosyprops77" target="_blank">@rosyprops77</a> and <a href="https://instagram.com/x_angelgravity_x" target="_blank">@x_angelgravity_x</a> are Jaxon and Amaiza Foxtrain from Marvel Star Wars comics
@scarredmewtwo is Paul Atreides from Dune @saratoninn.x is Uraka from My Hero Academia @rosyprops77 and @x_angelgravity_x are Jaxon and Amaiza Foxtrain from Marvel Star Wars comics
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<a href="https://instagram.com/gemanley" target="_blank">@gemanley</a> is Edward Elric
<a href="https://instagram.com/kawaiibombcosplays" target="_blank">@kawaiibombcosplays</a> Bombshell Killer Frost
<a href="https://instagram.com/oddly.cosplay" target="_blank">@oddly.cosplay</a> Sidon from Breath of the Wild
<a href="https://instagram.com/alicetheallstar" target="_blank">@alicetheallstar</a> Honey Bee Inn girl
@gemanley is Edward Elric @kawaiibombcosplays Bombshell Killer Frost @oddly.cosplay Sidon from Breath of the Wild @alicetheallstar Honey Bee Inn girl
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<a href="https://instagram.com/wulfgarweapons" target="_blank">@wulfgarweapons</a> Warhammer 40k Space Wolves
@wulfgarweapons Warhammer 40k Space Wolves
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<a href="https://instagram.com/freshfrippery" target="_blank">@freshfrippery</a> Star Wars First Order
@freshfrippery Star Wars First Order
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<a href="https://instagram.com/coolspot88" target="_blank">@coolspot88</a> Kylo Ren
@coolspot88 Kylo Ren
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Resident Evil
<a href="https://instagram.com/ceecayecosplays" target="_blank">@ceecayecosplays</a> Lady Dimitrescu
<a href="https://instagram.com/ava_leeigh" target="_blank">@ava_leeigh</a> Donna B
<a href="https://instagram.com/taysheawest" target="_blank">@taysheawest</a> Dani
<a href="https://instagram.com/madame.elizabeth " target="_blank">@madame.elizabeth</a> Monroe
Resident Evil @ceecayecosplays Lady Dimitrescu @ava_leeigh Donna B @taysheawest Dani @madame.elizabeth Monroe
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Elf group
<a href="https://instagram.com/ceekayecosplays" target="_blank">@ceekayecosplays</a> Buddy
<a href="https://instagram.com/ava_leeigh" target="_blank">@ava_leeigh</a> Santa
<a href="https://instagram.com/madame.elizabeth" target="_blank">@madame.elizabeth</a> Jovie
Elf group @ceekayecosplays Buddy @ava_leeigh Santa @madame.elizabeth Jovie
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Cloud Strife
<a href="https://instagram.com/quinn.trash" target="_blank">@quinn.trash</a> Madoka Magika
Sailor Moon family
Cloud Strife @quinn.trash Madoka Magika Sailor Moon family
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<a href="https://instagram.com/amiastra" target="_blank">@amiastra</a> Cat Woman
@amiastra Cat Woman
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Buzz Light Year
<a href="https://instagram.com/perlertricks" target="_blank">@perlertricks</a> Borderlands Woody
Buzz Light Year @perlertricks Borderlands Woody
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<a href="https://instagram.com/ichiumu.cos" target="_blank">@ichiumu.cos</a> Zero Two
@ichiumu.cos Zero Two
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<a href="https://instagram.com/larabeachgirl10" target="_blank">@larabeachgirl10</a> Wanda Maximoff
@larabeachgirl10 Wanda Maximoff
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<a href="https://instagram.com/mdempsey17" target="_blank">@mdempsey17</a> Sugar Plum Fairy
@mdempsey17 Sugar Plum Fairy
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<a href="https://instagram.com/gracefacecosplays" target="_blank">@gracefacecosplays</a> Battle Cinderella
@gracefacecosplays Battle Cinderella
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<a href="https://instagram.com/celestri4l" target="_blank">@celestri4l</a> Black Cat
@celestri4l Black Cat
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Sonic the Hedghog
<a href="https://instagram.com/magicaanimevikki" target="_blank">@magicaanimevikki</a> Tails
<a href="https://instagram.com/valkyrie.cos.slay" target="_blank">@valkyrie.cos.slay</a> Rouge the Rat
Sonic the Hedghog @magicaanimevikki Tails @valkyrie.cos.slay Rouge the Rat
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<a href="https://instagram.com/frankie_saurus" target="_blank">@frankie_saurus</a> Anna
<a href="https://instagram.com/kim_is_possible" target="_blank">@kim_is_possible</a> Elsa
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<a href="https://instagram.com/vi0letteverse" target="_blank">@vi0letteverse</a>Ghost Rider
<a href="https://instagram.com/the_vintage_moon" target="_blank">@the_vintage_moon</a>Gaige from Borderlands
<a href="https://instagram.com/spencer.writes" target="_blank">@spencer.writes</a> Toad and Toadette from Captain Toad
@vi0letteverseGhost Rider @the_vintage_moonGaige from Borderlands @spencer.writes Toad and Toadette from Captain Toad
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He-man group
<a href="https://instagram.com/moonpowermashup" target="_blank">@moonpowermashup</a> TMNT group
He-man group @moonpowermashup TMNT group
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Small Soldiers
<a href="https://instagram.com/simplyrayelle" target="_blank">@simplyrayelle</a> Gwendy Doll
<a href="https://instagram.com/whojohnquade" target="_blank">@whojohnquade</a> Chip Hazard
Small Soldiers @simplyrayelle Gwendy Doll @whojohnquade Chip Hazard
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<a href="https://instagram.com/elemental.cosplay" target="_blank">@elemental.cosplay</a> Mandalorian Elsa
@elemental.cosplay Mandalorian Elsa
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<a href="https://instagram.com/cosplaymadamj" target="_blank">@cosplaymadamj</a> Bakugo from My Hero Academia
@cosplaymadamj Bakugo from My Hero Academia
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