I'm a content creator who uses cutting edge gear to bring you the highest quality content. My videos are shot, edited, and released in the best quality I can afford. I often grade in high dynamic range (HDR) and upload to YouTube in 4K or even 8K!

I've been a fan of anime and Japanese animation since I first saw Studio Ghibli's "My Neighbor Totoro" in the late 80's. There's something very refreshing about Japanese tradition and culture as opposed to American culture. It is at the same time more composed and respectful than American culture, while being daring and crazy enough to have characters pull guitars out of their heads which can destroy entire civilizations. Watching anime led to attending anime and fan conventions all across North America where I discovered cosplay. I mix this love of anime and cosplay with my interest in technology and camera equipment to produce beautiful cosplay music videos.

I have a naturally technical mind that has no problem seeing through the mundane and can immediately identify the important details. This is reflected in my original and informative camera equipment reviews, which often cover technical aspects that many content creators ignore. Information like this is important to me and I know it is for others as well.

You can find me online at:

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