PortKeys announces three new monitors

Upgraded versions of both the LH5 and BM5
The new BM5 iii monitor.
PortKeys has just announced three new versions of their LH5 and BM5 on-camera monitors. The LH5P, BM5 iii and BM5 iii-WR appear follow in the footsteps of their ancestors as far as build and basic features. They posted photos, but no specs or other details about new versions. What is evident is that two of them have gained wifi antennas, hinting at wireless video functionality with other products. Also, the new BM5 iii monitors now have a flush-mounted screen instead of the screws holding the glass cover down. Support for the RED KOMODO has also been mentioned. PortKeys is known for integrating with cameras, so it will be interesting to see what these new monitors can do.
Read the official announcement posted to the PortKeys Facebook Group.
LH5P - $399
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BM5 iii - $499
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BM5 iii-WR - $599
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At the time of this article's posting, PortKeys has updated the BM5 products in their online store to BM5 iii. Nothing about the listings seem to have changed and they are showing as sold out. No exact release date has been announced yet, but company representative Kino Sun indicated they would be released in January.

PortKeys is a manufacturer of camera accessories such as monitors, grips, handles, cables, and more.
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