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@zadrabug as Kerrigan from Starcraft
@zadrabug as Kerrigan from Starcraft
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San Diego Comic-Con 2022

San Diego Comic-Con is one of the largest fan events in the world. It has a reputation for drawing out big name celebrities and it's where movie studios often make big announcements. Fans are known to line-up for days to be among the first into the famed Hall H or to get that limited Funko character. The vendor hall is large and full of fun things to see. It's truly the premiere event in the world of fan conventions.

Anime Expo 2022
North America's Largest Anime Convention

If the anime community is a family, then Anime Expo is the family reunion. That's truly what this year's AX felt like. As the largest anime convention in North America, it was the gathering place for anime fans and cosplayers who have been apart for more than two years years.

Colossalcon 2022 - Sweet Summer Fun!
Hot tubs, waterslides, and swimsuits

What can I say about Colossalcon 2022 that I haven't already said in my other articles. It was a blast! The event continues on, with very few notable changes. This article will mostly serve as a place to share the Instagram accounts of the cosplayers in my cosplay music video. Maybe one day I'll be able to interview a member of staff and really have some good information to share.

FanimeCon 2022
By Fans, For Fans

FanimeCon is one of the oldest anime conventions in the USA. Founded in 1994, this 28 year old convention is still going strong despite the challenges of COVID. After suffering the loss of two in-person conventions during the pandemic, FanimeCon returned to the San Jose Convention Center for 2022. While the event was successful, there were many challenges and a lot of uncertainty surrounding it.

Sakura-Con 2022
The largest anime convention in the Northwestern US

Sakura-Con is an anime and Japanese culture convention based in Seattle, WA. It's one of the older and more established conventions, having started in 1998. In addition to being the largest anime convention in the Northwestern US, it's always in the top ten list of the largest anime conventions in the US. Attendance was capped for 2022, but it usually hovers around 25k attendees.

WonderCon 2022
The San Diego Comic-Con sibling

I had no idea what to expect at WonderCon 2022. Located in Anaheim, CA, it’s one of the Comic-Con International events. You know - the big San Diego Comic-Con that attracts 100k+ people. Consider this the little brother event. It has a lot of the same features such as a vendor hall and guests and industry events, but just on a smaller scale.

Katsucon 2022
Beautiful location, beautiful cosplayers

Katsucon may not be the largest anime convention in America, but it certainly is one of the most prestigious. Set at the Marriott Gaylord National hotel and convention center in National Harbor, Maryland, this event is a gathering place for some of the most ardent and ambitious cosplayers. The draw becomes obvious once you attend.

Anime Los Angeles 2022
Fun in the California sun (and fog?)

Animé Los Angeles is an anime and Japanese culture convention currently based in Long Beach, California. After taking a break in 2021 due to COVID, it returned in fine form for 2022. Attendance was good and the weather wasn't too bad either. So how did this year's convention stack up to the 2020 con?

Holiday Matsuri 2021 Florida Anime Convention
The Florida sun will take away your winter blues

Located in Orlando Florida, Holiday Matsuri is an anime convention and vacation destination wrapped up in a convenient package. With two world class theme park resorts nearby (Walt Disney World and Universal Studios) it’s easy to combine two vacations into one. I can’t think of a better place to be in the month of December than smothered in the balmy subtropical weather.

C2E2 - Chicago's Comic Con

C2E2 is a convention for fans of all kinds. Anime, comics, movies and television, cosplay, gaming, and so much more. The full title is a mouthful - Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. It’s operated by one of the largest companies of its type, ReedPop, who also operates New York Comic Con, Emerald City Comic Con, Florida Supercon, PAX, MCM London, and many other large events. C2E2 gives Chicagoans and anyone else willing to travel an opportunity to immerse themselves in a celebratory atmosphere.